Building a united region of opportunity

Seeking increased export opportunities and building a united region were the overwhelming outcomes of an Opportunity Identification Workshop held at Charles Sturt University’s Dubbo Campus on February 5.

The workshop, which was attended by representatives of government departments and industry from across the region, focused on the future direction
of the Orana.

RDA Orana executive officer Megan Dixon described what the workshop aimed to achieve.

“We looked at how the region was established and the ability to grow on that foundation by utilising the resources, infrastructure and people and the
best ways to connect and add value to what we already have,” she said.

“Knowing that there is demand in Asia for some of the rich mineral and agricultural products which are abundant in the Orana region is extremely positive.
Working out how to capitalise on these opportunities is what we needed to do as part of the process.”

Establishing a brand which creates an identity and promotes unity was also a clear direction from the workshop.

“This allows industries to leverage the combined output of our people while building collaborative innovations across the region. Strengthened communities
and greater political influence would be additional outcomes.”

The next step is to develop and begin implementing projects identified during the workshop.

“One of the key outcomes is to work towards a unified regional voice that advocates for and promotes the Orana region for the powerhouse that it is,”
Mrs Dixon explained.

“Taking advantage of strong growth and leveraging opportunities to our advantage is the way forward.” /ENDS