Committee Profile: Brad Cam

RDA Orana’s Deputy Chair Brad Cam has an extensive list of achievements and roles that give him valuable experience to contribute to the Orana region, specifically to its economy and the tourism industry.

During his career, Brad has held various positions at Mid-Western Regional Council. In 2014, he was appointed as General Manager, making him a key
figure in regional development. Brad’s relationship with his local council has given him a strong networking system with the Australian Government
and a range of industry contacts.

It has also given him a unique perspective on the region and it’s potential. This is reflected in his involvement with strategic projects pioneered
to enhance the region’s economy and liveability, such as the Glen Willow Regional Sports Complex. The infrastructure was designed and built in
2012 to cater for a diverse range of sports such as rugby league, netball and soccer. By opening a sophisticated multi-purpose sporting facility,
it has allowed local, state, national and international commercial events to be held in Mudgee, providing an economic boost in the region, especially
for local businesses.

In the same year he became a general manager, Brad joined the committee of RDA Orana and his commitment to helping increase the profile of regional
cities extends to this role. He believes this role gives him a voice in the Orana region and he is passionate about finding business and economic
diversity, creating opportunities and helping businesses overcome the obstacles they may face being a part of a regional area.

Brad has actively partaken in the development of ventures that are economic boosters for the Mid-Western region, using his experience in analysing
opportunities and applying them practically to come up with ways to achieve his vision for the Orana region. He wants to create more economic opportunities
and help support new business ventures. In doing so, he hopes to create an environment where both new and established businesses can flourish and
facilitate the economic growth that the region deserves. Brad believes that RDA Orana provides the foundations and assistance needed to help in
nurturing the needs of a business. He sees visibility as a major barrier and believes that RDA Orana’s profile needs to be as a ‘go to’ entity
to assist with regional development in the community. Brad’s opinion is that it is important to continue to build relationships with local communities
and councils and to further engage in a partnership with the state and national government to achieve a common vision of economic growth in regional

The experience that Brad brings to his position as Deputy Chair has been invaluable to RDA Orana. He is a forward thinker and his vision for the Orana
region complements that of the organisation. When Brad is not developing strategic plans to improve the region, he is an enthusiastic green thumb
and can be found tending to his garden at his residence in either Bathurst or Mudgee.