Government Funding for Emergency Water Works in Bourke Shire

24 May 2019

The NSW Government announced this week additional funding of $811,000 for Bourke Shire Council to carry out emergency works that will secure the drinking water needs of communities in the Orana.

In December 2018, more than $1.2 million in funding was provided to Council to sink an additional groundwater bore, as very low Darling River flows saw water supplies in Bourke's weir dwindle.

Following a review of the town's drinking water demand, Bourke Shire Council determined an additional pipeline from the bore field was needed.

The funding will assist Council to deliver a parallel pipeline that will help local community as the drinking supply from the weir dries up.

With Louth's weir also running low, the funding will cover dredging works linking large water pools upstream of the town to the weir to extend the water availability.

This year the NSW Government has increased emergency drought funding to $11.4 million to towns in the Orana and regional NSW facing water shortages to help manage depleted water supplies, implementing emergency capital works and undertaking water carting where necessary.