Heywire Regional Youth Summit Ideas

The 2018 Heywire Regional Youth Summit in February was an event geared towards young people from across the nation who gathered to discuss how to make life better for themselves and their peers.

The youth from regional, rural and remote Australia developed seven ideas to improve the lives of young Australians:

- Connecting to Culture - is a community festival which connects young people with their culture, inspiring their knowledge and leadership.

- Bridging Agriculture - is a partnership connecting new Australians living in regional Australia with families from farming backgrounds, giving them a
greater understanding of rural industry and food production.

- HOPE (Helping Our Peers Educate) - is aiming to build a better understanding of basic mental health and a better educated network of peers

- Taking Control - assisting young people to recognise red flags in relationships with the aim of reducing the rate of domestic violence

- Yeah the Boys - aimed at steering boys towards fun pursuits such as sports and group bonding and away from drug-taking and alcohol

- Medifriends - brings medical professionals together to discuss healthcare and access to services, which is a huge issue in regional Australia

- Step Up - is providing a platform for young people to be exposed to the opportunities available within their communities

Together with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, ABC Heywire is offering $100,000 in seed funding to assist community organisations to make
these ideas a reality.

A $10,000 grant will be given to 10 applicants, with individuals and groups urged to apply if one of the ideas could spark change in a community. For more
information, visit abc.net.au/heywire

Applications close on May 14, 2018.