Migration: Xin Chen

Multilingual solicitor Xin Chen moved to Australia in 2009 because he loves living in a democratic, multicultural society.

“The Australian government advocates cultural diversity and racial equality and Australians are easy-going and friendly people,” he said.

“Comparatively speaking, Australia is also a safe country marked by low crime rate.”

Starting his new life in sunny Qld, he decided to study his Master of Marketing complementing a Bachelor of Law and Graduate Diploma of legal practice.

He has moved to the Orana for personal advancement and to add his experience to the region.

“I believe that there will be more room and space for self-development in such regional areas as Orana than in big cities.

“Low living expenses and the rich source of job opportunities are attractive to me, a newly recruited solicitor, to start my professional career. There is a current shortage of solicitors in the rural and remote areas of NSW according to the survey of the Law Council of Australia. I would like to contribute my bit to providing legal service in the Orana area as a legal professional.

“I have also learned that the Law Society of Orana has worked out a good policy providing lots of assistance and support to newly-admitted solicitors in the regional and rural areas of Orana.

Mr Chen - who speaks Chinese, Japanese and English - has started a business in Dubbo assisting clients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

“My company Austin Daniel’s Computers Pty Ltd does IT consultancy and management consultancy,” he explained.

The Dubbo Neighbourhood Centre was an important step in Mr Chen’s migration to the Orana region.

“They have been very helpful and gave me lots of information to help me to settle into Australian life.”

Mr Chen enjoys camping and hunting and hopes to one day buy his own home in Dubbo.