Opportunities abound for indigenous jobseekers

Fletcher International Exports is already putting the Tailored Assistance Employment Grants program to work, adding young Aboriginal employees from Walgett to its workforce.

The meat processing plant has taken advantage of the Federal Government scheme which aims to provide training and employment opportunities in the industry
for 200 indigenous youth.

With expansion of the meat processing sector, there is now a higher demand for employees. The program aims to meet these demands by giving people from
disadvantaged backgrounds a stepping stone into training and employment.

Fletchers have identified a service delivery model of recruitment, job placement and mentoring.


[Back row] Fletcher International’s Roger Fletcher, Fletcher International’s Chief Executive Officer Melissa Fletcher, Member for Parkes Mark Coulton,

Officer Supervisor Lester Daley, Training and Compliance Manager Michael Cooper, Recruitment Officer Deon Allen and Plant Manager Jason Herbert.

[Front row] The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Gargi Ganguly and Chris Scales.