Orana becomes centre for renewable energy output

Announcement of a wind farm which will generate an estimated 1000 megawatts has the power to confirm the Orana region as a hub for renewable energy.

The Liverpool Range Wind Farm, between Coolah and Cassilis in the Warrumbungle area, will feature 267 turbines, making it the largest of its kind in Australia.
Approval for the Epuron-owned project was granted by the NSW Department of Planning and will provide direct benefits to the Coolah and Cassilis communities
through employment and funding opportunities.

RDA Orana executive officer Megan Dixon welcomed the project which will bring jobs, investors and economic prosperity to the region.

“The Liverpool Range Wind Farm, of which the bulk of the site is in the Orana region, could power around 380,000 homes, generating clean electricity, and
will bring jobs and opportunity with the injection of up to $250 million into the local economy,” she confirmed.

The new wind farm is the third for the region - with Crudine Ridge located at Pyramul south of Mudgee to produce 135MW from 37 turbines and the Bodangora
Wind Farm near Wellington (pictured) to produce 113MW from 33 turbines. Both are currently under construction.

The Uungula Wind Farm is also in the planning stages with the proposal to construct up to 249 wind turbines on agricultural land between Wellington and
Gulgong currently being assessed.

In addition to the wind generation projects, there are multiple solar farms also being installed across the region.

“At last count, there were 20 solar projects taking shape across the region - from the appropriately named Suntop in the east to Bogan River near Nyngan
in the west. These projects confirm investor interest and confidence in the region which is fast becoming a renewable powerhouse.”/ENDS