Migration: The Ravari Family

After living in Iran, the Ravari family made their home in Australia during 2017. Civil engineers Mohammad Ali Karbakhsh Ravari and Mahshid Vakili Takalou and their son Elia emigrated to Australia for a new way of life.

“I decided to migrate to Australia around seven years ago because I wanted to change my lifestyle,” Mr Ravari said.

“I had enough knowledge about Australia so I knew exactly where I wanted to go.”

That place was Dubbo, where Mr Ravari is now happily working for a local engineering firm.

“I work as a civil/structural engineer for Barnson and Co, a company that does engineering in building and industry.”

Mr Ravari and his family are very pleased with their lives in Dubbo and wouldn’t change anything.

“I have lived just in Dubbo from my first day in Australia so my experience is just in Dubbo.

“I have a good level of living here, good friends, good job and my family are really happy. My son is at the Christian school. There is no bad point in my migration process.”

When they moved here, it did not take Mr Ravari very long to find employment.

“I found my related job in Dubbo after around 45 days of living in Dubbo. I also worked at Fletcher’s company for three weeks during that 45 days.”

The migration process was simplified by technology.

“I had an email from RDA Orana with some information that helped me to know Dubbo more,” Mr Ravari said.

“These days you can find any information on the internet. My friends also helped me and gave me some information.”

Mr Ravari and his family, who enjoy movies, travel and fitness, love the people of Dubbo and can’t wait to continue the rest of their lives here.

“People here in Dubbo are very calm, kind, friendly and try to help if they can. I have very good Australian friends in my workplace and neighbourhood. I am really happy that my son is growing up here.”

“I love my job which is my biggest hobby. We are also in Dubbo Parkrun and have joined the RSL Club.

“We plan to buy a house in Dubbo and my wife is also a civil engineer and looking for a job.

“I have a good job here in Dubbo, people are very nice, I have so many friends in Dubbo, there is no traffic in the city and I can find all requirements. We have high quality schools in Dubbo so it’s all good.”

Eleven-year-old Elia has also immersed himself in the Australian lifestyle.

He says that the best part is having good friends and teachers. The Year 5 student has a very busy social life which includes dance and gymnastics, tennis, basketball and karate. He also enjoys reading, dancing and playing the piano.

He loves learning about Australian history and culture and found the process of settling into a new country very exciting.