Business: The Darling Design Company

Ellie Dunlevy is a freelance graphic designer and blogger responsible for creating her own online business, The Darling Design Company based on its rural roots in North West NSW.

As the name suggests, the company provides small businesses with sophisticated design services (print and digital) to assist in the branding and advertising of a product or service. An enthusiastic social media buff, Ellie also lends her expertise to businesses on social media management and how to better market and brand themselves in their industry.  

The Darling Design Co has received a positive response from consumers enabling Ellie’s clientele to expand from local businesses to metropolitan businesses in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. A growing client list has likewise seen her online presence grow, evolving from a Facebook page to a website that has links to Instagram and Pinterest and also serves as an online lifestyle blog. It has also opened her business up to conducting webinars, which enable her to reach a wider online audience and potentially a global audience.  

Ellie believes that the success of her business can be attributed to her professionalism, her enthusiasm for customer service and her in-depth knowledge of branding. Ellie loves to stay engaged with both regional and metropolitan branding and advertising to cater to a variety of business and consumer needs.  

The business has also opened up other avenues for the young freelancer. An example is the launch of her niche lifestyle magazine, Far West Living in 2016. The magazine was released quarterly until 2018, with content providing an authentic perspective on life in regional Australia.

Ellie’s Darling Design Company's strong online presence and reputation has given her clients all over Australian towns and cities. The business has given her a platform to promote and discuss her many passions, from giving advice on branding to giving insight into regional living.

With a vision for her future, Ellie wants to continue her work as a freelance graphic designer and hopes to further grow her clientele and the variety of businesses she assists. Eventually, she would like to expand to a point where she has a team of people working with her.