Migration: Dr Danish Hassan

Brand new to the country, Dr Danish Hassan experienced a warm welcome in every aspect of his migration.

A dentist from Pakistan, Dr Hassan said his new home and work life was greatly enabled by many friendly people along the way.

“Settling in, I found nice colleagues and friends who helped me a lot in each step,” he said.

Arriving in August 2017 on a skilled regional 489 visa, Dr Hassan did not initially find employment in the Orana region and moved to Victoria for work.

Even that slight detour did not prove to be an issue.

“Travelling between Victoria and New South Wales allowed me to explore the natural beauty of the coastal as well as regional areas. Moreover, it was lovely to experience new food and I was amazed to find every food of my country easily available in the country towns.”

Dr Hassan is now working at Wingewarra Dental in Dubbo and has already immersed himself in the local lifestyle.

“I started playing lawn tennis and I am a member of Dubbo RSL and Anytime Fitness,” he said.

He also enjoys travelling, photography and cricket.

“Travelling and meeting new people is always something which fascinates me, whereas living in a multicultural society is a great experience of learning and growing.”

After moving to Australia alone, Dr Hassan said the hardest part of his migration has been missing friends and family back home.

“Living away from parents and family is the hardest part of migration.”

However, Dr Hassan is looking forward to exploring and learning more specialised skills in dentistry in the future.

“I am enjoying practicing in Wingewarra Dental which is enabling me to serve the vast community of the Orana region.

“Being a dentist, Australia has paved ways to improve my professional skills and widen the horizon of my professional opportunities in the future. Moreover, a better quality of life and facilities are also among the reasons to migrate to Australia.”

And his advice to others?

“Every migrant must pass through some hard times in the beginning, which is normal. Keep looking for opportunities and keep working hard.”