Health and hospitality dominate future jobs growth

With strong growth in Health Care and Social Assistance, these are the areas which will feature the greatest employment surge in the next five years,
according to figures released by the Federal Government in its Australian Jobs report for 2018.

“This industry is predicted to add significantly more jobs than any other industry - by 25%,” RDA Orana Director of Regional Development Megan Dixon

Large contributions to employment growth are also projected in the areas of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Construction, Education
and Training (all 12 %) and Accommodation and Food Services (9%).

“It’s evidenced through human needs and behaviour that these will be the strongest areas of growth,” Mrs Dixon explained.

“An ageing society brings a greater requirement for health services, our expanding population will need more infrastructure and superseding technology
are all increasing rapidly.”

Expansion in food and beverage provision shows there is still a strong need for hospitality.

“This industry is thriving and is second only to medical and health care services in terms of demand. “It really highlights the importance of service
jobs to future employment growth.”

By comparison, the two industries in which employment is expected to fall are manufacturing (4.2%) and electricity, gas, water and waste services (7%).

The largest predicted fall by subsector is in Transport Equipment Manufacturing (27.5%) with a number of key facilities closing down in recent years.

The occupations most predicted to increase in numbers by 2022 are health professionals and community and personal service workers, in line with industry