7 October 2019

RDA Orana hosted a two-day discussion focussed on migration as part of the organisation’s commitment to regional workforce shortages.

“Locally-led migration strategies have provided a response to issues facing rural and regional communities, including shifts in workforce and population,” RDA Orana Director for Regional Development Megan Dixon said. 

The event began with an employer session to address any concerns held around hiring migrant workers. This was followed by a workshop about migrant experiences and a roundtable to look at regional settlement.

 “We believed it was time to bring together key stakeholders for the purpose of discussing migration in the Orana region, especially to identify gaps, address challenges and to build a framework that ensure strong retention rates and successful outcomes in the future,” Mrs Dixon said.

Mrs Dixon said the focus was on an interactive approach to settlement and support for both migrants and employers.

“We were looking at barriers to success and key issues, but we also want to examine what is working by using the experiences of people who have been through the process.”

Stakeholders include local government, business and employer groups, migrants and key organisations.

The event was held on October 3 and 4 2019.