Orana skills survey begins

RDA Orana has begun its second skills survey in the region this week in the lead-up to the annual Orana@Work summit. The survey will run for four weeks and aims to gauge Orana’s workforce needs.

RDA Orana Director of Regional Development Megan Dixon said the data gathered will be used to inform the region’s skilled occupation list, along with an update of the list for the Orana DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement).

“The skills survey will ensure we have current data on where businesses have issues with recruitment and what occupations are needed to accurately represent the region's needs,” she said.

Mrs Dixon stated that the main goal will be to assess current and future workforce demand in the Orana region.
“The results of the survey will support RDA Orana’s continuing work around policy and advocacy for labour and skills issues in the region.”

“We hope to be able to measure the capacity of the region to meet current and future workforce needs which will in turn lead to the work-readiness of the region.”

The first annual review of the Orana DAMA is also coming up, with RDA Orana in a position to request additional occupations for the skills list using information obtained through the skills survey.

“Our workforce goals relate to education and training, migrant and employer support and advocacy for business and industry in the region with a view to informing policy,” Mrs Dixon said. The survey is available at https://www.rdaorana.org.au/workforce/workforce-survey/  
Save the date: The annual Orana@Work summit will be held on May 21./ENDS