RDA Orana welcomes minerals report

RDA Orana Director for Regional Development Megan Dixon has welcomed a report released by the NSW Minerals Council which outlines the future of mining development across the state.

Entitled ‘Seizing opportunities for jobs and investment in NSW’, the report outlines 32 proposed mining projects which would have the potential for 15,000 jobs and an economic benefit of $13 billion.

Mrs Dixon said the report aligns with RDA Orana’s vision for the region to build on jobs growth and a thriving economy.

“Mining is a key economic driver for NSW and the projects outlined by this report have the potential to bring both employment opportunities and financial benefits to the region.”

The report indicates that the number of proposed metal projects has recently doubled which is a good sign for the Orana region where mining of gold, copper, scandium, cobalt and rare earths is predominant.

The NSW Minerals Council report also aligns with the goals of RDA Orana’s Export Hub which primarily focuses on supporting the Mining, Equipment Technologies and Service Industries. 

RDA Orana’s Export Hub aims to support the development of businesses across the region into exports, which will in turn improve sustainability, connect businesses, increase investment and expose potential collaborations,” Mrs Dixon said. 

The economic pressures associated with the effects of COVID-19 will certainly have an impact for some time to come, but with industries such as mining, the region holds future potential.

“Under these challenging circumstances, it’s imperative that industries with a proven track record of providing thousands of jobs and billions in investment, such as the NSW mining industry, are encouraged to thrive under a reasonable and certain regulatory environment.”

For more information about RDA Orana’s Export Hub, contact the office on 02 6885 1488