RDA Orana Workforce Series - Part 1 Introduction to services

RDA Orana focuses its work on the needs of the businesses across industries and across the region. In our regular consultation with businesses, the workforce continues to be the number one pain point being experienced. This is why RDA Orana devotes a large portion of its resources towards this priority. Workforce Development within the organisation is made up of the following pillars:

In this series, we’ll be covering an overview of what these four pillars include and the benefit to businesses and the region. We will highlight the ways you can be involved or how we can assist your business in building its capacity, growing your workforce, or planning for the future.

We will also include some data snapshots of employment and workforce data that we are currently seeing across the region.

The Orana region workforce currently sits at around 49,871 jobs and is broken down in the following graph to show where our workforce is currently employed. Our two main employer industries at this time are Agriculture and Health Care & Social Assistance.

While the graph below shows that of those working individuals, the type of occupation they categorise under. With most positions in the region being taken up at either Manager or Professional level.

The last graph shows the age breakdown of those 49,871 positions. There is an ageing trend and combined with low population growth is fuelling our continued workforce shortages across skill levels and industry.

Through this series, we will continue to update you on the great data we have available, and how we use it together with our consultation directly with businesses to advocate on your behalf straight to where it’s needed.