Rejeewa Niroshana

Occupation: Logistics supervisor

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Location: Dubbo

Herewith: Self

Length of time in region: since April 2015

Rajeewa Niroshana says it's easy to find a job in Australia if you do your homework and ensure you have the necessary qualifications for the field in which you want to work.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Mr Niroshana arrived in Australia in 2015, moving here for a 'change in scenery'. While gaining a visa can be expensive, he says that the overall migration process was fairly straight-forward.

"RDA Orana supports migrants in a great way, that is my first-hand personal experience."

"It was a positive experience and I highly recommend RDA Orana for future work visas and employment."

Mr Niroshana, who speaks both English and Sinhalese, commenced his application with a self-sponsored 489 visa and has now achieved permanent residency in Australia.

With a Diploma in Automotive Engineering and qualifications as master technician, Mr Niroshana has settled in Dubbo and works for Chesterfield Australia' Agriculture Machinery Sales and support. His current role is logistics supervisor but he aims to become a service manager in the industry

Mr Niroshana loves living in the Orana region and cites 'good people, great friends and an amazing country lifestyle' as contributing factors to his happiness.

He loves travel, reading and model cars and also belongs to a local health club. One thing he didn't know about Australia before emigrating was the number of scary animals in everyday life!

NB * Subclass 489 visa was replaced by the 491 visa in 2019

      * Currently the NSW Government process the subclass 491 visa