Workplace survey extended to reach more businesses

RDA Orana’s Business Workforce and Skills survey has been extended until May 23, giving businesses more time to complete this important questionnaire.

The survey aims to capture information about the needs and concerns of individuals and industries across the region.

RDA Orana director of regional development Megan Dixon hopes to see a strong response which will provide an overall view of the business community.

“This is a really important opportunity for business owners to provide feedback so that we can steer our activity towards meeting their objectives,” she said.

“As a business owner or HR manager in Orana, you have the ability to help us build a better region. By filling in this survey, you’ll give us crucial insights on how to help the Orana business community.”

With a critical labour supply shortage and workforce gaps across a number of industries, RDA Orana will use the data to help resolve issues and incite change.

Mrs Dixon said the skills survey will provide data and evidence to the government concerning workforce and labour supply issues in the Orana region.

“It will enable RDA Orana to represent your concerns to Government and develop recommendations and actions that help to alleviate the problems,” Mrs Dixon said.

The anticipated outcome of the survey is to help define the workforce, meet anticipated needs and fulfill employment opportunities and skilled migration accessibility.

The survey link is